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Dear host family, I thank you for the hospitality you show and the great opportunity you offer to students that I hope to take advantage of. I am a girl who loves life, loves to discover and learn new things every day. I am also quite funny and I admit that I often sing and dance (even if these are not my main talents!). One of my main qualities is that I am very open-minded, I have no prejudices towards people different from me and this is my strength since it allows me to discuss quite easily with others. Even if I can appear quite reserved at the beginning, it is only an appearance that will be broken quickly and I am convinced that a contact will be made quickly between us. My life in Belgium is quite busy and very pleasant. I get up, get ready fairly quickly to avoid being late, then I take a good breakfast and go to school. In Belgium, we often have classes from 8am to 4pm. So I spend the day working, talking and laughing with my friends. When I get home I finish my homework and go to the gym. I try to work out 2 or 3 times a week because I love to eat! I'm quite gourmet and if I'm lucky enough to be welcomed in your family, I'll be happy to cook you some typical Belgian dishes! After a good shower, I spend the evening with my parents. It's our little moment to discuss our days and watch a good movie. On weekends, we go to see family and friends. I think this is my favorite time of the week because we all get together and have a cool time. Indeed, I like simple things. I like to go for a walk in the evening with my parents and admire a beautiful sunset, I like to go with my mother to do some shopping, I like to cook and I also like to receive people at my home. I am also passionate about traveling, discovering other landscapes and I am thirsty for enriching encounters. This is why I made a decision that I hope will be the best of my life: to study for a school year in the United States with a host family. I quickly chose the United States because I have always been attracted to the festivities, the different landscapes from one state to another and the cultural mix that this beautiful country has. The experience of living with a host family was an obvious choice for me because I think that it is a way to create strong ties with people that I would probably never have met if I had not tried it. School is a way for me to reconnect with all of my friends and create good memories. I am studying Latin-Greek and this year I have added the Spanish option. I have never had any problems at school because I am a very serious student and if the work is not done, I feel bad and I don't feel peaceful. I don't have a clear idea of what I would like to study later but I know that I will never study engineering because of my non-logic in physics! On the other hand, I like foreign languages very much and mainly English which pushes me even more to carry out this project. I am a very loving and affectionate girl. My parents have always been very close to my big brother and me and have allowed us to discover many things. We were brought up with values of respect, politeness and tolerance. My parents also taught me to surpass myself, so when I told them I wanted to travel, they saw a real possibility of evolution. If I am to spend a few months with you, I will not fail to show respect, politeness and a lot of humor! I will respect my host parents as well as my own and I am sure that I will enjoy getting to know each member of the family. This year would be a real way for me to discover other things before beginning my future in Belgium. In my eyes, we must take advantage of every opportunity that is offered to us and I see this project as one of them. I am really looking forward to this adventure and to meeting you. Zoé

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