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Dear host family Thank you for open your house to an exchange student. I am a 16 years old girl, when I get there I am going to have 17 years old. I have been three times in the USA for vacations so I like the culture and I want to know it more and learn more English. I love do sports, specially gymnastics, I've been doing it since I was 10 years old, I train 6 days per week. I am a very independent girl, I like to do my things on my own, to meet new friends and I am good at that. I like to draw, read, paint, cook, listen music, I am very creative, I want to learn new things, I have good grades at school, speak two languages Spanish and English, but the last one I want to speak it fluent. I live in the main city of my country, i love the city I've been living here my whole life, I like it because it has everything, has shopping malls, many schools, subway so you could go to every part of the city, it has a great weather, perfect for me because I don't like cold weather a just love the summer, and the winters are not too cold and sometimes it rains, but not more than that, and the summer it is perfect, hot but not too much. In here we have a lot of concerts and festivals, like lollapalooza, a big festival that many artists go or Creamfields an electronic music festival, and more, I like to go to that activities. I live with my dad, my mom, and my two younger sisters, so it would be great to have brothers or sisters to adapt better. I like to hang out with my friends, but also spend time with my family. My dad it is a mechanical engineer, he work in a big company that extracts Cooper, and it is in charge of the maintenance of the machinery. My mom it is a nurse, but after many years working in hospitals she switched to the area of health quality. I want to go to a high school because, I want to live the experience to be a teenager there, met new friends, go to a football game, go in the yellow bus to school, and live with an American family, learn your culture and show you my country and my culture. My life in my country it is super busy, my parents take me to school at 8 A.M and after it finished at 4 P.M I go to train at 5 P.M to 8 P.M, this is my routine every day, except the weekends. On Saturdays I hang out with my friends on the day, we go to eat something, or to the movie, or just chill in a house and just have fun. I have a good relationship with my parents, they trust me as long as I don't betray them trust, I have a good relationship with my sisters too. I have many friends from my school and from others schools of my city, I love to make plans with them. Sometimes I like to stay at home and just chill and see a movie or cook. In my future I want to go to college and study medicine, I do not know yet if I want to study in my country or in USA. I love the idea of a exchange because it is an incredible experience that I have to live and in the future remember it with a smile, have incredible memories, photos, new friend and a family. Thanks for read, and give me the pleasure to be part of your family. Rocio.

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Maria Paz (14) Rosario (10)

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