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Dear host family, my name is Thomas. I have a sister named Laura, my father got the name of David and my mother is named Virginie. I have one dog, it’s a golden retriever named Norton and two cats named Gipsy and Mia. I have many hobbies, for example I like go to the karting with friends, I play soccer since my 5yo, I also play guitar since my 7yo and I love read books of a kind fantastic like Harry Potter and read mangas like Naruto or One Piece. When I am alone at home, I like walk my dog, play video games with my friends on computer and play some guitar like Gun’s and Roses, Nirvana, The Offspring,… In winter, I usually go to the mountain for skiing with my cousins. During holidays, I’m used to visit my grandparent and see my family. In summer, I play in a spectacle made by my grandmother. It’s on the theme of the history of Gallo-Roman France. At school, I don’t have any problem for all subject but I prefer the scientific one. From Monday to Friday, I go to school. I like after classrooms, go outside with my friends. When I comeback at home, I do my homework and I watch TV or play video games with friends. The Monday evening, the Wednesday afternoon and the Friday evening, I have football training. The Monday evening and the Thursday afternoon, I have guitar lessons. The Saturday, I go to my football match, I watch Formula 1 qualifications and I go outside with friends. The Sunday, I do my homework and I watch the Formula 1 race; sometimes I also go to karting with my dad or with friends. I want to come in U.S.A because one of my dreams is to become airline pilot but that’s mean that I need to speak English very well. Before the Covid 19, we loved with my family do big trips like Mexico, Dominican Republic, Morroco,… We like discover new cultures and that’s also why I want to come in U.S.A. I hope I will have the possibility to discover the American cultures with you and live like a full member of your family (for example play board game together, discover your state, discuss…), share with you my French culture also and have a good relationship with you. Hope to see you soon, Thomas

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French (native), English (4 years), Spanish (3 years)



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Laura (18)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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