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Dear Host family, My name is Philippine, I am French. I am looking for a family to help me live my American dream of spending one year in the United States. During this year in the United States I would like to share in your daily life and habits and discover the American celebrations (Halloween, Thanksgiving, the American Christmas) and American culture (lifestyle, food, way of thinking etc.). I would like to see what it is like to be American. I would also like to share the French culture with you and your family, like with French specialties such as crêpes, quiche Lorraine and I can talk to you about the French lifestyle. I also hope to make new friends and share great moments with them. A little bit about me, I live with my parents and my little sister in a house in France. My sister’s name is Faustine. I love animals and I have one dog, an English Cocker. I like cooking cookies, crêpes and cakes, but I also cook pasta with my own personal touch! I like playing sports in my free time. For example, I have been practicing gymnastics for 10 years. I like swimming and biking with my friends. Every year, I go skiing with my family in the French Alps. Sometimes I workout with my mother and my sister. I also like to try other sports such as surfing, karting, climbing, and snowboarding. During my year in the United States, I would like to play sports in high school. I also love travel and I travel often with my family. I like discovering new landscapes and new cultures. I am interested by the way of life in the different countries. For exemple, I visited Thailand, Greece, Morocco. I also want to visit Italia, Japan, South Africa. Over the weekend, I like spending time with my friends and family. We often go shopping,and watch films on friday evenings. Marvel’s films are my favorite choice! We also like to watch Formula 1 racing. On Saturday evenings, my family and I often meet friends for dinners and parties! I am a sociable girl who likes to laugh and enjoy life. I am not very comfortable with little babies. I sometimes need independence. I am rather autonomous and orderly even if I sometimes leave my things lying around, like all the teenagers! However, I will tidy my bedroom. I can't wait to start this adventure so I can make unforgettable memories. I’m very excited to be part of your family! To conclude, I want to live “My American dream”. Thanks for reading my letter, I look forward to meeting you. Philippine

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French (native), English (8 years), Spanish (4 years)



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Faustine (13)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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