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Dear host Family, First, I want to thank you for taking time to read my letter and for accepting to host a student for about ten months, I find this so generous! I’m very motivated by discovering the American culture and to see different landscapes. I’m especially fascinated by the beauty of the giant national parks. I’m also very curious to taste new food and learn new recipes. I also know a little of the pop American music, but if I were there I could learn much more about it. I know a little about the American sports like American football or cheerleading and I think if I can participate to these activities in real it will feel like magic. I would also be very happy to share with you many moments such as the celebrations (it looks so important and amazing! ) or the family meals or in your hobbies. I love to discover new things about today’s world and about other cultures, to travel around the world ( even thought, for now, I have only travelled within Europe) and I enjoy to discuss with people to understand the world. My friends describe me as a creative, happy, open-minded, and cool person and I hope I’m so. The exchange is my own idea, so I’m ready to adapt myself in a new environment. I am a dreamer and I am not always self-confident. I’m not a difficult person to live with in the everyday life, I like every kind of food and I like to try different food from other countries. I’m of course ready to help for the domestic tasks. When I am at home, I love to play the piano or to paint. I like to take care of my plants. I like watching films. I love listening to music pop (like Billie Eillish, Lomepal and Orelsan), and to poprock (like Artic Monkey’s and Muse). I’ve played the piano since I was five and I would be happy to play with /for you or other people. I like to read and I began to read books in English to improve my English. I like mystery and adventure books. However I prefer to go out with my friends, for exemple in the city, to the beach, play cards, eat somethings in a café or just walk along the port. I like to go to the movie theater. With my friends, in summer, we surf or swim in the sea. I love to do camping during summer vacations. I like dancing. I like to walk in the nature, on the seashore or in the mountains. I love to discover news landscapes. I live with my parents and my brother. My father is a professional musician, he plays the guitar and the banjo in different bands, my mother is a History and Geography and she also teaches these subjects in German , my older brother practices a lot the piano in order to become a professional musician. With my family, we often welcome people from other countries and I really like it. I have two cats ( Billie and Ombre). At school, I like Biology, Music, Chemistry, English and PE. I usually prefer to work in groups than alone. I would be glad to study other subjects in an American school. I would like to discover a High school and to participate to school clubs or sports so to be more involved and to meet new people, making new friends. I don’t know yet what I really want to do later but I would like to work with people from other countries in biology or chemistry. I think this exchange can give me more chance to reach that goal. It’s also a big chance to learn more about myself, to become more mature and to develop new skills. When I went for more than a month in Germany to my penpal’s house, I liked to talk in another language, to play new board games with her family and to play soccer with her brothers. I really loved to meet new people with another way of life and to live with them in the everyday life. I think I can integrate myself in your family as easily as in my German host-family. I’m also happy to bring French culture and to share it with you. I could show you how to cook the French food like “crêpes”, “kouign-amann”, French bread, “cannelés”, “tartiflette”, … And also tell you about the French society and celebrations: National Music Day, National Day, … For me, this experience is a big challenge as I would have to leave my country and to speak another language, but I’m really exited about this opportunity. I’m looking forward to do this exchange because it will probably bring to me amazing and unforgettable memories. For all of that, I’m so grateful to you. Looking forward to meeting you. Best regards. Maroussia

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Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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