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Dear host family, Thank you for agreeing to take part in the exchange program and for choosing me to live with your family. In this letter, I want to tell you some things about me and a little bit of my life. My name is Lana, The next thing that would be important about me would be my character traits. So I'm an attentive person and also very ambitious for example in sports. A very important character trait is that I want the people I talk to, to be honest. Are you an honest person? I am honest, all the time. Sometimes I'm a very chatty person, and most of the time I'm a cheerful human. Most of my friends/family members tell me that I am a kind and likeable person. You can trust me e.g if you tell me a secret no one will know it. Some days I'm shy, and other days I am very self-confident. I don't know why but it changes every day or week. I'm not the world's best in school but I never wrote a grade worse than D-(4-), and that was a long time ago. My worst grade on the last reports was a B. I love doing sport,s especially soccer. Soccer is very important to me. I started with soccer because I noticed that this is the sport I want to play and because of my dead grandpa. He loved soccer and I want to make him proud of me. My family and I all have a relatively good relationship with each other. Everyone is there when someone needs help or advice. I don't have any siblings. Do you have children and do they play a sport like soccer, basketball or something like that? I have 3 real friends and I love spending time with them. We always do fun things outside and inside. I think it's time to tell you the reasons why I want to go in a High School and live for a year with another family. So the reasons are that I really love the USA and two or three weeks of vacation is far too short. Another reason is that I wanted to go in a High School since I watched High School movies. I know it won't be like a movie, but it looks the same when you look inside a High School as it does in a movie. I think High Schools look way better than schools in Germany. What do you think? They also have afternoon activities and German schools not really. That's the main reasons why I want to visit a High School. The reason why I want to live with an American family is that we know there an American family, and they are so lovely. I also love speaking English with them. You can't do it with your parents in Germany because they don't want to or they don't have time for you. That are the main reasons why I want to visit a High School or live with an American family together. Now I want to tell you what my everyday life looks like. So I wake up at 6.20 in the morning and make me finish for example brush my teeth and comb my hair. At 7 am I eat breakfast just with my Mother because my Dad is already at work. After we ate I get dressed. My Mother needs coffee for her work, so I make her coffee every day before she drives with me to school. At 8 am school starts and after school I walk home and wait for my mum. She cooks food for us and while she does that I do my homework. Every Wednesday I go to the same friend, and we have a lot of fun. On Saturdays, I always have a soccer match. Training is on Tuesday and Thursday. I'm always there. There is no reason why I should cancel it. My plans for the future are to get my High School diploma and find a job which is fun and gives me a good salary. I work hard to get good grades because, most of the time you need good credentials to get a good job. After I told you this, I want to tell you about my travel experience. As a child, I travelled a lot with my parents in the USA, for example Los Angeles, Las Vegas etc. . I also travelled to other countries, for example, Italy and Spain. From 2018 to 2020, I took part in a holiday camp once a year. I'm so happy that I saw so much as a child and a teenager, but that's definitely not enough. I want to travel till something stops me, like a disease or something like that. Do you like to travel like me or a little less? The last thing I want to tell you is that I would love to go to church with you and your family. I also would love it if we spend happy holidays together. I think we will make amazing and unforgettable memories. Thanks for reading my letter. I hope we have the same interests. Maybe you would love me as your host child. If this is the case I want to give you a big THANK YOU for being my host family. I hope we will have a good time and I am so excited to become a part of your family! Lana

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