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Dear Host Family, My name is Valentina but everyone calls me Vale. Since I was born I live in a small town with my mum, my dad and my little brother. I attend the scientific high school with a sports focus. I am an always smiling girl who always looks to the bright side in any situation. I always expect the best from all situations, if it does not turn out the "best" I can always find the positive side. I love trying new things and having new experiences. I've been skating for 3 years, I train 3/4 times a week. I also play tennis once a week. I started playing tennis because my father is a tennis teacher. I really like skiing in general I love doing any sport. I've tried a lot of them. I would like my future Host Family to know that I am a girl who can adapt to any situation, that I am always ready to try new experiences and that I am a very open person who loves to be in company of people. Besides I am a very sweet and affectionate girl. I would like to attend school in the USA to have a new experience and discover a completely different school system from the Italian one. I would like to spend the next year in a host family because I think that the real way to understand the true culture of a country is to immerse yourself completely. I really enjoy going to school and learning new things and of course also seeing my friends. During the school year I go out with my friends on Saturdays because during the week I study and train. With my friends we often go to some city for shopping and to spend time together. In the summer we often go to the pool. On Sundays I spend it with my family visiting cities or going to the cinema, having lunch or dinner all together. When I spend time with my family, I really like to tell myself and tell how I spend my days and the things that happen to me. Once I graduate I would like to study medicine and become a doctor although I want to do this job since I was little, I think I still have to live and discover many things that could make me change my mind. I would like to introduce my host family to the positive and negative aspects of Italy and the traditions. I’d like to cook and let you know the Italian food. As a destination of my year abroad I chose the United States because this country has always fascinated me for its culture and its traditions. For a few years my dream has been to spend the year abroad there. I really like the school system in the United States and for all the things you do inside the school like the prom, the sports you can practice, the extracurricular courses and the possibility to choose the subjects. I have always liked the United States lifestyle and all the opportunities it can offer that very often are different from Italy. I would like to know the culture/traditions of my host country and my future host family. I really like to travel for this reason I hope to be able to visit new places, even small and little known. After this experience I hope to be able to speak English fluently, to be even more independent, to be able to solve many problems on my own and to learn/discover new things. At school my favorite subjects are physical education both because I like to exercise and sport and because I like to study the rules and history of sport. I really like math because I like to solve something and see that the result is right. Science is the subject I like the most since I was little, I like biology, chemistry but especially anatomy, I love to discover all the "pieces" of which we are made and see that everything works so perfectly. I study English from first grade, in school I study English as a foreign language. In middle school I studied French, but my level is very simple. During the summer I like to read a lot, in the winter I read less because I have less time. During the winter my days are all very similar, I go to school, I go home, I eat, I start studying then I go to practice and I have to finish studying after dinner. In the summer in the morning I serve as a children’s animator in summer camps because I love spending time with children. In the afternoon I go out with my friends and in the evening I go to training. All the trips I have are very important in my life, since I love to travel, but I especially love when I go away alone with my team and my coach for the races. During this vacation I have to deal with everything on my own and I’m happy to see that I can handle situations on my own. After each holiday of this type I feel I have learned a lot of new things not only on a practical level. I will do my best to live this experience well and feel good with my host family. I really want to have this experience, I can't wait! Thank you very much in advance, you are making me realize a dream. :) Thank you for hosting me!!! Vale

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