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Dear Host Family, I’m Sara and I’m Italian. I love to stay with my friends, but I also enjoy doing activities on my own, like playing guitar or reading. People tend to say I am intelligent because I love studying and it comes easy to me, in fact, I usually don't need much time to complete my homework, and I optimize time by paying attention in class. I’m a determined and responsible person. When I set myself a goal, I do the best I can to reach it and when I make a commitment with someone, I want to respect it. For example, when I started high school, I wanted to excel in all of my classes, and in a few months I succeeded despite all the new subjects. I am also available to help my classmates if they need it. Sometimes I might seem a little reserved at first in front of new people or new situations, but my determination helps me to overcome any challenge and I soon open up. I am sensible to the feelings of others: I’m happy when the people I love are happy, and when they are sad I try to help them. Because of Covid-19 I stopped playing sports, before I played basketball, but I like to keep my days busy: I often go to church to play with children after school and I sing in the church with some girls my age. I like to play the guitar and sing; I like meeting my friends and watching movies with them, and I like reading and watching crime movies and Marvel movies. My family consists of me, my mom, my dad, and my brother. My father comes back from work late and my brother studies in another city, and he comes home only during the weekend, however, we are very united, and we all like traveling, in fact, every year we visit a city in Europe. My best friends are 3 girls my age. We often meet for a walk in the neighborhood or watch a movie or eat something. I also have other friends at church, other guys my age who also go play with children in the parish during summer camp. In the future I think I’ll go to university, but I still don’t know exactly what to study. My favorite subjects are math, law, and foreign language, because I find them stimulating and useful in life. I speak Italian as my native language and English. I also study German in a course after school and this year I have to pass the B1 level certification, and Spanish at school for only 2 years. Among the many trips I made the one in Iceland made me see many beautiful natural places and I saw how the people feel the effects of climate change, and how they are more committed than others who don’t see it firsthand, and I returned home a little changed. My life in Italy is between school and afternoon commitments, including walks with friends and shopping, but also after school courses in German and Guitar and commitments with the church. During a normal day I wake up at 6.30 AM, I get ready to go to school and I take the bus at the stop. The school starts at 8.00. We have 6 classes a day, and we come back home at about 1.00 PM. When I come back home, I cook for myself, and I eat watching TV. In the afternoon, I do my homework. Some days I have some courses after school. In the evening I eat with my parents around the table, then I prepare my schoolbag for the next day, and I watch TV with my parents. I go to bed at about 10.30 PM, and I read a bit before going to sleep. I believe I will be a good exchange student for my determination and availability and my desire to learn: learn a foreign language, a new culture and get to know the world. I would like to teach my host family about my culture and maybe let you taste some good Italian dishes. I can help at home, and I can offer my desire to share experiences by living them and telling them. I chose to live this experience in the USA because I want to know the American culture that is different from the European one and in my opinion living with a host family is the best way to know the culture and the language differently than the schoolbooks. I also want to try the American school system where I can choose the subjects of study and which is very different from the Italian school system. During this experience I want to improve my English, get to know a new culture, meet new people and I hope to become more independent. Thank you for hosting me! Sara

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Davide (20)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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