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Dear Host Family, Before I start writing this letter I really want to say thank you. I am so grateful that you are giving me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams. I hope we will have a great time together. First some basic information about me. I am a 15-year old German girl and currently in tenth grade. I love to learn about new cultures and new traditions, this is one of the reasons why I want to do an exchange year. Let’s start with my hobbies and interests. One of my biggest passions is tennis. I play this amazing sport since I was six years old and I never grew bored with it. Almost every Saturday I participate in a tournament. Another interest of mine is music. I have played the piano for ten years and the flute for five years. I also like to teach people things so I combined my two hobbies. Every Monday I teach my six years old neighbor how to play the piano and that is definitely a highlight in my week. For me music is not only about the knowledge how to play an instrument, it is so much more. Every day I listen to my favorite artists e.g. Louis Tomlinson or Taylor Swift. What are your favorite artists? In my free time I always enjoy reading a good book. My favorite novel is Song of Achilles and honestly I could read it every day. Not only do I read books I also like do read poetry. My favorite poetess is Emily Dickinson. She was born in the States and wrote a lot about America and American culture. I would love do join a book club in my future American Highschool. Every Tuesday I volunteer in our local residential/nursing home because as a teenager I think it is important to help elderly people and learn from them. Family is important to me. My mom is a teacher and she is like a best friend to me because we have a really special bond. We often travel together e.g. to Dubai, Paris, Berlin, Fuerteventura, Sardinia, Mallorca or Meran in Italy. My favorite city I’ve ever been to is Amsterdam. Once I lived for a week in Great Britain with a host family because of a school trip and I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately I’ve never been to the U.S.A but I think it is such an interesting country because of all the different cultures and people with different ethnic backgrounds. Do you have ever been to Germany? My grandparents are the most important people in my life after my mom. I love them with my whole heart and the feeling is mutual. Me and my grandpa often go fishing or do something creative. My grandma was a librarian and that’s probably where my love for books came from. The American way of life fascinates me. In America I would love to experience new things with my host family, maybe we could discover new places together. I also would like to be like a family member to you with all the responsibilities that come with it. I’m especially interested in the way you celebrate holidays e.g. Thanksgiving or Christmas and I’m looking forward to witness these traditions with you together. Would you like to learn more about German Holidays as well? I hope I could make a good first impression and you would like to get to know me better. If you have any questions just ask me and I’m happy to answer them. I am pretty sure we will get along well and have a fantastic time together. Thank you so much for reading my letter! Kind regards, Frida

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