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Dear future host family! First of all I would like to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to live with you and become a part of your family for nearly an entire year, I´m very grateful for that. Obviously I still don´t know anything about you, but I´m already very excited to meet you. Until we meet each other I want to tell you about myself, my life, my family and why I want to go on an exchange year to the US. My name is Annika and I live with my parents Kristina and Alexander and with my 12 year old brother Henrik in a town in Germany. I get along with my family very well and I´m very close with them, especially with my brother. We spend a lot of time together when my parents are at work and we mostly play games or I help him with studying and his homework. At home we have normal chores like taking out the trash, washing the dishes, cleaning our room and I occasionally cook for my brother and me. I´m close with my other family members aswell, especially with my uncle and also with my grandparents, who live about 20 minutes away and ever since I was little I spend a lot of time at their house. Most of my family is evangelic and sometimes I go to church with my grandmother, where she also works. Although I had my confirmation over a year ago, all of the teenagers who also had their confirmation that year, my pastor and I still meet once a month to talk and play board games, which I look forward to every time. After the summer holidays I will be in 10th grade of a german secondary school. My favourite subjects are english, art and biology. I´m a very open person and I like meeting new people, which is why I enjoy learning english, because you can communicate with so many people since it´s a world language. Art is another of my favourite subjects because I´m a very creative person. I spend a lot of time drawing, painting and taking pictures in my freetime. I also really like biology, because I think it´s very interesting to learn about the human body. This is also the reason why I work at a pharmacy in the holidays and why I want to study pharmacy in the future. I´m a helpful and caring person, which is why I like learning about all of the different medicines to help other people. I´m in the first aid group of my school, where we learn exactly what we have to do to help other people if they´re hurt, not feeling well or in case of an emergency. Besides studying, drawing and painting I also spend a lot of time reading books and listening to music, mostly rock music. I am also in a theatre group, where we write our own plays and perform them once a year. I really enjoy dancing and I´m taking latin and ballroom dance classes with my friends. The first time I heard about exchange programs was in school and I was interested immediately. I spent a lot of time researching and talking to other exchange students and their families. I´m very excited to have the opportunity to live in the US for 10 months. I want to get to know the culture and meet new people. I´m very interested in seeing how it´s like to be part of an american family and getting to know their everyday life, traditions and values, especially compared to my family and home here in Germany. I´m also looking forward to going to an american high school, because of the language and because the school system is different to the school system in Germany. We can´t choose the classes we take and there also aren´t a lot of afternoon school activities, for example sports clubs, which is also someting I´m looking forward to hopefully participate in. I hope that I could give you a little insight into my life and I´m already very excited to finally meet you! I´m looking forward to hearing from you soon, Annika

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Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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