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Dear Host Family, I’m Camilla, and I live in Italy. In this letter I’d really like to thank you for hosting me for 10 months. I know it wasn’t definitely an easy choice to make but thanks to you I am much closer to the realization of my greatest dream. I know this experience will be very important for my future and for me and I think that it will help me grow as a person. I’m very happy and grateful to share this experience with you! I’m very curious to know you better and I hope it’s the same for you too! What do you like to do? What do you love in your family? My family and I love traveling the world and visiting new places; in fact I literally fell in love with the United States of America when my parents took me there for the first time in 2016. Here in Italy I live in a small town in Northern Italy. My family consists of four people: my mother Greta who works as a shoes and bags repairer in Modena; my father Enrico who works as technical service operation at Maserati automotive company in Modena; my brother Simone who is 18 years old, and me. We also have an amazing female cat of 6 years old that I named Mia. There are also my grandparents. My maternal grandparents are Remo and Luciana with whom I love every summer to go a week on holiday to the sea to spend more time with them since they live half an hour's drive from where I live. My paternal grandparents are Adriano and Rosanna; I can see them more often because they live in the apartment above ours. Since I was a child I have always helped my grandmother to prepare the dough of her sour cherry tarts and I have always helped my grandfather with gardening: I watered the lawn, collected the leaves and sometimes even helped them to plant flowers. I have always had a good relationship with my family and I really hope to establish an amazing relationship with you too. To tell you more about me… I attend a scientific high school where we study Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics more intensively than other schools. I have many friends with whom I like going out at the weekend, going to the cinema or going to football matches and going to concerts; this year in fact I have scheduled 2 concerts: one by Maneskin and one by my favorite singer Harry Styles. Thanks to my passion for singers as Harry Styles and the other members of One Direction, I've started watching interviews and films in English. I’ve always wanted to improve my English and since I started listening to them and to all their interviews and films, I can say that I improved my listening skills. Since I was a child, I have always loved to play sports. In fact, in the course of my life I have practiced swimming for 5 years, figure skating for 6 years, horseback riding, artistic gymnastics and volleyball instead of all these for a short time. Now I don’t practice a sport because the amount of study is too high, but I really want to try new sports that here in Italy we don’t do. Which sports do the teenagers practice there? and which sports are there in schools? Last but not least I love cooking typical plates but also I love to try new recipes that are more difficult to keep challenging myself. I love every type of pasta, pizza, lasagne and lots of desserts. Would you like if we cooked these typical Italian dishes together? In regard to my personality, I think I'm very responsible and sociable, I’m an open-minded person and I always want to try new things and new experiences even if they are not always very easy. I’m a little bit introverted at first and for this reason I hope that the new people that I will meet at school will help me to join their group. I would like to thank you again for this opportunity that you are giving me by making my biggest dream come true and I hope that this new experience that I will live with you will remain forever in my heart as I believe it will be. Your sincerely, Camilla

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