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Hello I am Aitor Ontanon Lopez. how are you? Thank you for hosting me!!! I'm a boy from Spain, I like to do a lot of sports like for example soccer, swimming, skiing or paddle tennis. Academically I have very good marks in all the subjects, and I always try to learn more and improve my marks. I also try to help other students of the class if they need something of help, when they don’t understand what we are doing in class. I love to travel and visit different places. When I was a child, I visited San Francisco but I don’t remember anything, so I considered this year the first time that I’m visiting United States of America, also I like to know new with people and socialize with them. I'm the type of person that usually try to help at home, for example tidying up my bedroom, putting the dishwasher, set or clear the table, if it’s necessary I can try to cook something like sandwiches, salad, soup and more things; I also can help to clean the house. Speaking of food, I don’t have any type of allergy, and I almost like all types of food, like meat, vegetables, pasta, fruit; but I don’t really like fish. I want to try USA food, so amaze me with the food that we don’t usually or even never eat in Spain. I love to watch soccer matches especially if Real Madrid plays, I also like to watch other types of sports, like the Olympics games. I like NBA but I didn’t have the opportunity to see any match because when the matches are played, in Spain it’s too late at night so I’m usually sleeping. So, I want to see some match in the stadiums if it’s possible, and if it isn’t possible at the TV. I also love to see Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz tennis matches when they play. Speaking of the TV I also like to watch films and TV series. I like to hang out with my friends and to have fun with them, here in Spain I practice soccer, swimming, paddle tennis and in winter I usually go to French skiing with my family; I also go to English classes and like all this take a lot of time per week, and then I have to study in the free times, I don’t have a lot of time to hang out with my friends, but when I do it I value it more because I don’t usually do it. And like I love to do this all things I don’t care a lot if I can’t hang out with my friends. This is all Nice to meet you. See you Aitor

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Yago (16) Melqui (11) Gael (8)

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