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Dear future host family, Thank very much for participating in the exchange program and for being willing to accept me into your family, to show me your cultures and traditions and to let me live with you. My name is Mia and I am almost 16 years old. Together with my family I live in a very small village in Germany and have had the dream of living in America since I was younger. I think America is a very interesting country, with a totally beautiful language, which I would really like to learn to control better. I would love to live in your family for a year and experience all these things. I have heard that there is a strong school spirit in American high schools, which unfortunately is not that much present in German schools and is one of the reasons why I would like to become a student of an American high school and be part of exactly that school spirit. I speak three languages. German I can speak fluently because it is my native language, English I can also speak fluently for the most part because I have been learning it in school since the third grade and Spanish I can also speak because I have it in school, but unfortunately not quite as fluently yet. I am a very good student as I have only a's and b's in every subject except math, where I have a c. I have some hobbies both in school and outside of school. At school, I just joined the volleyball club because my friends and I played a lot of volleyball this summer and we all found great fun in it. Outside of school I play handball in a club, spend a lot of time with my friends and listen to a lot of music. Actually, whenever I have the time. My favorite genre of music is definitely pop music. I would describe myself as a caring, humoristic and above all a dedicated person who cares a lot about her friends and family. I have a very good relationship with my family and especially with my little brother, which is very important to me. We do a lot of things together and I hope that it will be the same with my future host family. Holidays and family celebrations are always very special for us. I have a big family with which we spend all the typical German holidays together every year. My favorite is our annual Christmas party on December 24th. I know that in America they also celebrate Christmas, but quite differently than in Germany. I would like you to show me how it is done in America every year and that you let me participate in these typical American holidays, such as Thanksgiving. Besides my family, my friends are the most important people in my life. I know that I can always count on them when I need them and that they will always have my back. I fully believe that I will quickly make friends in the U.S. with whom I can have a great time. I would be happy if I could show you a piece of my German culture, my German language and my German traditions. Maybe once I am with you we could cook something typically German together or visit a German restaurant? I am looking forward to spending time with you! Thank you very much for taking the time to read my letter and for deciding to accept me into your family. I can't wait to finally meet you guys. Best regards, Mia

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