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Dear future host family, first of all I want to thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to live in the US and that I can be a part of your family. My name is Friedrich. Actually, I want to explore the world by myself, especially America. And I´d like to learn more about the American culture. I would describe myself as a very outgoing, helpful, reliable and funny person. I’m also a very active guy and I like to do every kind of sport. In my spare time I play soccer in a club. We practice at least twice a week. My team often plays matches versus other clubs of our town at the weekends. Hopefully I can join a Highschool team in America too. Beside sport I´m also interested in music very much. So I started playing Cello with the age of 10 years. Until now I attend a cello lesson per week and I practice myself at home regularly. Of course, I meet my friends in my spare time too. Sometimes we do exciting activities like a little bike tour around or we just hang out together and have a chill time. My close family are my mother Berit, my father Joachim and my younger brother Carl (12). I have a very close and trusting relationship with my parents. I love them both equally very much indeed. Even though my parents separated 6 years ago they take care for my brother and me together. So Carl and I are raised in a shared parenting which means we change every Sunday evening to the other parents household for the next week. This may sounds complicated but over the years I got used to it and it belongs to my normal life. Of course my parents respect each other and make decisions about our upbringing only together. The big events of my life like birthdays, confirmation or dancing school ball we celebrate all together. I think my parents handle the upbringing of my brother and me very well. I’m also very glad that I get along with the new partners of my parents pretty good. My mom works for the government. She handles the finances of the police in our state. My dad works as a civil engineer and looks after the properties and buildings of the government. My Dad plays an instrument too and on family events we used to play together and sometimes my grandma joins in and we have a little orchestra. I’ve got also a 3-years younger Brother. We love each other but seldom he gets on my nerves like younger siblings do. Nevertheless, he often follows my example, so he wears similar clothes than I do or I have to show him a trick in soccer. We go on holiday trips to other countries normally. I´ve been at least two weeks in Italy each summer holiday for the last 10 years. Italy is very popular for American tourists too. So they crowd in small towns like the beautiful Bellagio at the Como lake. In the winter I often go skiing to the Alps with my dad and my brother. I think I’m quite good at it and I love to ski downhill. Unfortunately, it´s only 5 days a year. I also traveled to Spain, Sweden, France and Austria. But I was never outside the borders of Europe so far. That´s why I would love going to America and see how life is overseas. Probably the best vacation I had was in a youth summer camp at the Baltic Sea this year. There I met cool new friends and ever since we talk about to see again. But sadly, it isn`t so easy because they all live in different parts of Germany. I would like to spend a year with you because I want to experience by myself how to live in another country, to attend a high school and to speak another language. I read so many cool stories from exchange students which had a great time in their year abroad. So I was determined to do an high school year too. I believe I will have an unforgettable time with you and my new-found friends in America. Not all things are going to be perfect from the beginning there will be ups and downs probably. But we will figure these problems out because that’s how a family would do it and with more time we will get very close that’s for sure. Maybe I can share some parts of my culture with you, for example I show you some German Christmas traditions. I´m really looking forward to meet you. Again, I thank you very much for opening me the doors of your home. So my dream to go on a high school year comes true. A big hug and warm regards, Friedrich

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