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Hello my future parents. I come through this letter to tell you a little about my story and life experiences. You already know but it doesn't hurt to remember, my name is Lais, and I take great pleasure in studying and learning new things. For this reason it has always been a dream to do an exchange program, even though I think I am very mature and responsible for my age, I think it is a unique life experience that will make me grow in different ways. Well, let's get down to business. My life story: I was born in a capital, and I grew up in a country town. It is a very small town with only 50,000 inhabitants, but it was there where I had the best moments of my life. All the friendships I've built, moments I've lived will always be kept in my heart. In 2015 I got the best gift of my life, my cat Bartolomeu. I have always been passionate about animals and dreamed of having a dog. But my mother didn't want one, since she knew that all the responsibilities and care for the animal would be left to her, because at the time I was just a child, and I didn't have the autonomy to have a dog. It was with this in mind that my parents decided to give me a cat, as it is a more autonomous animal and requires less care. I didn't imagine how much difference it is to have an animal at home, and today, without a doubt, I wouldn't be able to imagine my life without it. A few years later my brother also got a kitten to keep him company. I will miss my cats a lot during my exchange, and I certainly wouldn't mind if my future family had a kitten or a dog, as it would help me not to miss an animal companion so much. At the end of 2021, I moved to the city where I live today. At first it was very very difficult for me to leave all my friends and my father's family in another state and move here. During the first months I felt quite out of place with my new reality of life, however, I am a very determined, sociable and self-assured person, so over time I ended up conquering my space and making new friends. So I really hope to be welcomed both by you (my family), and by my future friends. My favorite thing to do, without a doubt, is travel. The best trip I ever took in my life was to Chicago, USA. I spent a whole month there and that's when I developed my English the most. It was also the first time I saw snow and I thought it was too beautiful. However, the places I like to go the most are beaches and hot places, as my favorite season is summer. I even took a scuba diving course when I was younger and dived together with my dad in the pacific ocean on a trip we took to Mexico. My favorite food is pasta. I also love to cook, I think it has even become a family tradition. My father learned to make the best pasta in the world from my grandfather, and today, all I know about cooking was my father who taught me. A few months ago I also stopped eating meat, it was my choice since I love animals very much, but it was never a problem for me, since my father always reinvented the dishes we ate the most, so that today, even following a more restricted I can eat too. He even created a Tiktok to post the recipes, and believe it or not, he has almost 5k followers. Over time I learned what I like best and exploring the world of plants. Whenever we go to a barbecue, for example, I prepare my own plant-based food myself! In addition to food, my family and I also pay a lot to practice sports and have a healthy life. My brother even dreams of becoming a professional tennis player, and he trains a lot so that in a few years he can also have the opportunity to play for Europe and the United States. Tennis is the family sport, my father and I also train every week, of course with much less intensity and frequency than my brother who wants to become a high performance athlete. But I consider it my sport too, and I would love to improve my skills if possible during this one year that I will be spending abroad. About music I also play the piano, I started to like it because I watched a series in which the main character had a beautiful grand piano in the middle of his living room. My mother during my childhood really wanted me to play the guitar, I even took lessons for a year, but I didn't like it very much because my fingers hurt. I consider myself a beginner on the piano because I'm not very good at music, but I think it's a beautiful instrument and I also consider it very important to develop a musical side beyond sports and academics. Finally, I would like to thank my family for giving me this opportunity to do an exchange program and to say that I am very grateful to them for all the investment they make in me. I hope to find a family that fits with me and that has the same values ​​that I learned since I was a child. See you soon!

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