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Dear Host Family, thank you so much for being willing to participle in the exchange program and accepting me to live with your family. My name is Celina. I live in Europe in south of Germany. I live with my Parents and my sister (19) and my dog and my cat in a house. Maybe you also have pets. At this time I go in the 9th grade. I´m good at school and interested in many things, for example: play the Piano, go to the gym, meet my friends, traveling. I did my education for youth leader. In my free time I like to do workshops and exercises for children and young people. In addition, I am always very organized and can plan well. I am also ambitious and always very cheerful and laugh a lot. I am happy very quickly and beautiful, new and exciting things make me happy but also sometimes nervous. I am very much looking forward to meeting you and I hope you do too. It makes so much fun to all of us. I play the piano since 3 years and had one performance with my piano teacher. In 2022 I will make an exchange in Great Britain for one month. With my family I have spent some holidays in America. The first time in 2009 and then 2016 and 2017. First time we were in America we visited my Family in Cleveland, Ohio. Second (2016) we were in San Francisco, LA and Las Vegas. And my last time (2017) we were in Boston and New York. Do you have been to Europe? These experiences were very interesting to me and for example the history of Boston was very exciting. These travels encouraged me to go to USA and learn more about living in a family there. With this exchange, I would like to improve my english skills for school and my future. I think the most challenging part of being an exchange student will be to live in a new live and get to know the way of life there, but I will make an effort and I will be very happy to learn something new. I hope we see us soon and thank you for taking me in. Yours, Celina

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German (native), English (7 years), French (2 years)



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Jennifer (19)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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