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Dear American Host Family, Firstly, I will thank you for making this dream possible, as child the exchange program was greatly encouraged by my parents. I deeply thank you for accepting me to live with your family for this year. My name is Rodrigo, and I live in Brazil In this unique experience I expect to appreciate every bit of the American culture and have the chance to learn with my american host family and at a traditional american high school. Regarding my personality I am a friendly,laid-back person, and like to be a team-player with all. I am committed with my studies and respectful. I have friends at school, from other schools,from sport,friends that I grew up with and I get along with everyone.My best friends,that I usually meet often are Miguel, Henrique, Rafael, Bernardo and Felipe. I live with my mom,my dad and my younger sister that is 14 years old. My father is a dermatologist and my mother is a dentist, and my sister attend 8th grade. My family loves travelling around the world,so I had the chance to visit different countries and cultures,which is an amazing experience. When it comes to hobbies I have many to choose from. When I was 11 I took basketball lessons for three years, however when I became a freshman I got hooked onto volleyball and had been taking lessons up to date. I might not be the best option when it comes to sports, but I will try my best to join school clubs and teams. Since when I was very young I have been in love with martial arts, nowadays I practice Taekwondo twice a week. There are some things I like to do with my free time at home , such as cooking, playing online games, RPG and reading comic books. My average study time is about two hours a day. On weekends I like to go to my grandmothers house to make barbecue, to shopping mall with my friends,eat out, play volley, go to friends birthday parties, in the summer go to the beach. I study at a Catholic High School and my favorite subjects are math, chemistry, physics and science. About Brazilian culture the aspect that appears the most in our society is the ethnical diversity. Here we have immigrants from a lot of different countries, them being Germany, Italy, Portugal, Japan, Switzerland, Spain and many more. The festival everyone remembers is called Carnival I do not really celebrate it, but it is something really huge here in Brazil, just as soccer which is the most played sport in my country. I hope to become very close to my host family,make new friends at school,play and learn new sports and activities and return home with lifelong memories from the exchange experience I look forward to meeting this awesome family! Warm Regards, Rodrigo

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