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Dear Host Family, My name is Julia and I am 15 years old. I live with my parents, my brother Lukas (18 years old) und our dog Lilly in Germany. My sister Annika (20 years old) started college six months ago and moved in another town. We live in a small house with a garden close to my high-school. My favorite subjects in school are math and politics but I almost like every subject. I like going to school because I have a nice friend group. We always ride our bikes home together after school. I walk with the dog four times a week and three times a week I play Volleyball in the afternoon. There I meet friends who I know since kindergarten. Once a month we have a tournament for the city championship. I hope that this year we will win the championship. I am always looking forward to that. My other great interests are reading and listening to music. I prefer fantasy and science fiction books. I hear a lot of music, especially indie pop and post-teen pop. My favorite artists are Billie Eilish and Girl in Red. Last week I was on my first concert with my sister. It was awesome and I want to go to further concerts as soon as possible. I also like cooking and baking. I am cheerful, open-minded, curious and independent. In the Easter holidays we go skiing in Italy with my uncle and his three children. I really love it. In the summer holidays we always travel somewhere near the sea and stay there for two weeks. The rest of the summer holidays I spend at home. When I come back from the student exchange I am going to finish school which will take two years. After that I want to study. I do not know exactly what I will study yet, but I am interested in mathematics, languages and politics. Some years ago my siblings went to the US as exchange students. Annika stayed in Georgia and Lukas in Minnesota, each for six months. They came back with many interesting experiences and impressions. I learned from them, that American students live very different to us. I am curios to get to know the high school life by myself. And I am also very interested in the American family life. Is your family life similar to ours? Or do you have completely different rules and traditions? We could talk about all of this and if you want to I could tell you something about Germany and Europe. Furthermore I could present you German dishes and cakes. Thank you so much for the opportunity to come to the United States and stay with you. I look forward to meeting you. Yours Julia

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Lukas (18) Annika (20)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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