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Dear Host Family, Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to be part of your family for a year and to get to know you better. My name is Jade. I live in The Netherlands. I currently live with my family which consists of my mother, my father, my older sister Venna (17) and my small dog named Zoë. My parents both work. My mother is a real estate developer and my father does research at the technical university. We live in a small town with around 22.000 inhabitants. I would like to become an exchange student because I think it is a great opportunity to learn more about another culture. I have chosen The United States of America because it’s one of the greatest countries in the world. I have never been to America but I have read a lot about the country and seen many films on TV, which is why I want to get to know the people who live there and the country. I would like to know more its about the culture, religion, habits, the kindness of the people and of course the school spirit. I would like the opportunity to live with you and your family because then I will get to know the culture really quickly and be able to participate in your daily life and of course bond with the whole family. I have heard a lot about the American school system, the yellow school buses, the clubs and sport teams, the holidays, the lessons and activities after classes. This is very different from our system in The Netherlands. Now every morning I go to school on my bike at 8 am. The school is about 15 minutes away. At school we have a different schedule every day of the week with the lessons we have to follow. The lessons start at 8:30 and most days they last till 15:30. After the last lesson, I ride my bike home. At our school we don’t have any clubs and no holidays that we celebrate together. So in my opinion the American school system looks much nicer and much more proactive. In my spare time I really like sports. My favourite sport is field hockey, which I play at a club near my home. I play in the A1 team, which is the first team for girls under the age of 18. I play hockey 3 times a week. On Tuesday and Thursday we train and on Saturday we usually play a match. I hope that in America I will be able to join a field hockey team. Furthermore hockey I also like to go on outdoor adventures such as skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, tree climbing and going to the beach. I love surfing and bodyboarding. We did a lot of this this last summer. When I was younger I practiced ice track skating. Every Sunday my mom took me to the skating rink nearby and I would have an hour of lessons with other children of my age. I really enjoyed doing this, but I have never skated in competitions. During the Christmas holiday I often go skiing and snowboarding with my family. Besides my hobbies, I also enjoy meeting up with my friends. Usually we just meet at someone’s house and go outside. If it rains we watch a movie sitting on the couch or we bake pastries such as cookies or cupcakes. And sometimes we have a sleepover. I like to travel a lot with my family. I hope there will also be a possibility to do so in America. I would like to see places such as The Grand Canyon or Sequoia National Park. I am also very curious about more everyday live in America, the big American cars, the sports, the drive-thrus and of course the typical American food. I hope to gain an experience that I can take with me for the rest of my life. I am not quite sure what my future plans are yet. I love traveling and have travelled a lot with my family. We have been to Belgium, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, The Czech Republic, Mexico, Switzerland, and The UK. I would like to travel a lot more and go to places like Australia, Argentina and Hawaii. After graduating from high school I would first like follow further education in the direction of developing green and living environments. This could be in the direction that allows me to help people doing research. Being kind to others and doing good for nature is very important, I think. If you ask about my characteristics I think I am happy, sportive, helpful, enthusiastic and friendly. I hope I have you told enough so far and I hope you will get to know me even more during my exchange year. I look forward to getting to know you too. Next year is definitely going to be one of the best years of my life and one that I will certainly never forget. I hope you want to be a very important part of this experience. I hope to see you soon! Kind regards, Jade

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Venna (17)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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