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Dear Host Family, Thank you so much for being willing to participate in the exchange program and accepting me to live with your family. At the moment I’m 15 and I will be turning 16 shortly after I arrive. I am currently in the 10th grade. I like to try new things and I want to learn more about the American culture. I love to dance and do gymnastics in my free time. I am a very outgoing person that is also reliable and I like to meet new people. I enjoy spending my time with friends and I like doing activities such as cycling or picnicking. Sometimes I prefer staying at home and just watching series and movies. I also enjoy helping out in our family members' Greek restaurant. It helps me to overcome my shyness. I have been dancing since I was 3 years old. I started to do it in a group of 7 girls. I have been dancing with a friend as a duo since I was 7 years. Two years ago I also wanted to continue with solo dancing. In 2018 we went to our first competition. Because of Corona, we couldn’t go to tournaments for 3 years, so a couple of months later we had our first in a long time. My parents work in the office and both are interested in outdoor activities like hiking, bicycling or travelling. My younger sister is 3 years younger than me and she is in 5th grade she also dances in the same team. We are a close family and I hope to become a part of your family as well. My family and I have a really strong bonding so I think it could be really hard to live without them for so long but after a long time, it can be different because I got a host family which is there for me. This shouldn’t sound like it’s going to be easy for me but I know I can call them and stay in touch with them while I´m gone. I am very interested in the lifestyle of Americans. The most important part of this exchange year for me is to improve my English skills and I want to get to know the American culture. I also want to share the public German holidays with you. As you now know I love to dance and I would like to continue this in America as well so it would be a great experience to join a cheerleading team if possible. I would describe myself as a very helpful and reliable person and I think this could be a reason why I have a few friend groups. In school, I spent my time with my closest friends. We have lunch together and use the moment to talk about random stuff. My favorite subjects are chemistry and information technology. When I get home I first eat something after that I do my homework and clean up my room. On Monday and Friday, I have dance lessons and on the other days besides dancing, I also call a good friend of mine or I watch something on the TV. In the evening I help my parents for example with the dishes or doing the chores. After lunch, I study the things for the following day like vocabulary. When there aren’t any competitions at the weekend I spend my time with friends. Besides I experienced something that wasn’t the best experience. It started when I was at a competition and I was very scared of not making it. With this fear, I went on stage and started performing at the beginning everything worked out as I wanted. A little later I had a blackout and I wanted to leave the stage. I pulled myself together and kept dancing and made up my own choreographiy. In the end everything went well and I made it to the next round. From that situation, I’ve learned to never give up no matter what happens. After I finished the exchange year I want to go to a technical college to find out which kind of industry I want to join. Warm Regards, Tara

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