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Dear Host Family, my name is Emily and right now I'm 15 years old, but when I start my exchange year I will be 16 years old. First of all I would like to thank you for accepting me into your family. I'm really happy about that. And now I want to tell you 'bout my family and my life. I'm living with my parents Eva and Timo in nothern Germany. My dad is working as an electrician in a hospital and my mum is working as a nurse in another hospital. I have no siblings, but I always had pets. Right now I have a cute cat named Emma. My grandparents are living in the neighborhood. My cousin Lucia is a very good friend of me. Actually I'm going in the 9th grade of a secondary school, but after I finshed my exchange year I want to do my abitur. After I graduate from school I want to study law and become a lawyer. And I want to explore the world and maybe move to another country. I go to school by bus and my school starts at 07:30a.m. and ends at 12:45p.m. after school I normally eat lunch and then my freetime begins. In my freetime I like to meet my friends, go shopping, go to the cinema, go swim or act in a group. At home I like to read a book, cuddle with my cat, call my friends, watch movies and series or take a walk. Especially I love to listen to music, my favourite artists are Lana del Rey and Ariana Grande. In the summertime I'd love to go to the beach with my friends. Anyway I'd like to try new sports and activities in America. If you have any special hobby I would like to try that out. I'm a vegetarian, because I love animals and don't want to hurt them. A healthy diet is important to me, but I even like fast food too :) My friends and family describe me as a confident, sensitive, empathic and reliable girl. I'm an open minded person, so I'm really happy, that I will soon get the chance to get to know your country and the people living there.  I really hope that I will be able to become a part of your family and live with you like a family member. I would like to have siblings or other exchange students in your family. Even I would like to live near a city, to undertake independant activities, e.g. to go to the cinema or to go shopping. I've always loved travelling a lot and the U.S.A. has always fascinated me! Unfortunately I've never been to the U.S.A. before and I look forward to finding out as much as possible about it. I'm very excited to get known the life of a highschool student. I look forward to meet you soon and thank you very much for let me live with your family!!! Warm regards, Emily

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German (native), English (7 years), French (4 years)



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exam. Krankenschwester


Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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