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Dear Host Family, Thank you so much for being willing to take part in the exchange program and to accept me to live with your family. I am a German boy who likes to try new things and I want to explore the world, especially America. I want to learn about American culture, particularly sports and the spirit connected to it. I would very much like to be part of your family, because I want to become more familiar with American traditions e.g. Thanksgiving, Independence Day and the typical American way of life. As I am very athletic, I look forward to attending an American high school, as I find it very attractive that sports activities have such a high value at American schools. It would be wonderful being part of a high school team, but of course I understand if that isn’t possible, since I’m probably not on the same level as the American players are. I am currently attending grammar school, which I don’t find very demanding, as learning comes easily to me. Thus, I will be able to skip a school year and spend this time in America. I speak three languages - German, of course, then English, which I want to improve while I’m in America, and some French. But my favorite subjects are definitely English, Math and Geography. Since last school year I have been tutoring students in order to help them to close their knowledge gaps in Math (due to the corona crises), I’m looking forward to doing something similar again, if required. In my spare time, I love doing sports. I play American Football in a city near my hometown. Furthermore, I play handball and I am a part of the local swimming club. All in all, I’m very interested in popular American sports like basketball, Ice Hockey or American Football. Besides, I enjoy listening to music (I have a huge number of songs in my media library), playing video games and meeting friends. I do not often go to the movie theater, but when a new marvel movie is shown, I’m always there. My mother is an English and Geography teacher at a local grammar school, maybe that’s why I like these subjects so much. My father works as a consultant at a company. I have a little brother who is four years younger than me. Together we live in a flat with a garden. I enjoy visiting soccer games with my brother and father or going bicycling. I also like playing chess with my little brother. All in all, I get along very well with my family and I hope this will also apply to our relationship. During the week, I mostly go to practice in the evenings, where a few of my friends also take part. On the weekends, I like to meet my friends and go to local soccer games, to the open-air pool or simply just spend time with them. When I have completed my A-levels in 2026, I’d like to train to become an air traffic controller. The great thing about this job is that it involves dealing with numbers, it is complex and challenging and it never gets boring. Moreover, it offers the chance to work in other countries like the USA. Best wishes, Maximilian

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