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Dear Host Family, I am very happy that you accept me as a host child and welcome me in your family. I am Emilia, and I am from Germany. After finishing tenth grade, I would like to experience life in another family and another country before continuing on to school. I am very social, helpful, creative, open-minded, athletic, self-confident, generous, direct and most of all curious. I enjoy listening to people and having conversations. Therefore, my joy and excitement for the new time with you is especially great. Since I am very enthusiastic about sports, I am especially looking forward to school and all the sports that are offered there. I have heard that this is very important in schools and families in the US. I have been playing field hockey for 10 years and I am a very good skier. I like to be with friends, we go shopping, listen to music, go to the movies or just spend time together. My parents have a big circle of friends that I have known since I was born, we also spend a lot of time with them and their children. My parents have a company where they both work a lot. My brother is three years younger than me. What makes me especially happy is that I have all my grandparents and even my great-grandparents. We all have a very close relationship. I travel a lot with my parents and my brother, so I've already gotten a few little glimpses of other cultures and ways of life. We have also been to the USA twice. But of course that's not real life. I really want to experience Thanksgiving with you guys, with all the food and family. I'm very excited how your family spends Christmas and I am looking forward to being a part of it. I'm excited to see what your life is like, excited to meet your family, excited to have host siblings, excited about everything. I am excited to spend time with you, I wish you would spend time with me, I wish we would cook and bake together. I wish that I bring you joy and that you are interested in me. See you very soon, Emilia

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Maximilian (12)

Sharing cultures and building communities with high school exchange.

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