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Hello family, I would to tell you more about myself and my hobbies. I love sports, I have practiced and played soccer, basketball, surfing, windsurfing and track and field evens .When I am adult I would like to be come an actress or an police office. I don´t like big dogs but i love small dogs, i am allergic to cats (but I can live with it. and I don't need medication) and my favourite animal is the rabbit I have a little sister who is 4 years old , I love to be with her and take care of her. We travel a lot for skating (my favourite sport), sometimes to other countries. I love travel. In the summer we go to the beach , there i have friends and we have a great time, the summer is my favorite season My favorite actress is Najwa Nimri , I would like to be like her in the future. My main sport right now is speed skating . We skate on an oval track and compete to complete a certain number of laps. Who ever crosses the finish line first wins , there are different types of speed skating. At school I get good marks, but my best subjects are English and math. As for my personality I am a bit quite shy when I first meet people but when I get to know them I open up quickly. This change to live abroad will help me to overcome some of my fears , although it may be challenging at first , because I am sure i will miss my family and friends . It will all be worth the effort because of the new family I will have and become my family in USA and friends that I am going to make hopefully. Thank you so much for reading my letter and I am very excited about meeting you Hugs Irene

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Spanish (native), English (9 years)



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