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Ayusa loves when our exchange students and host families share their experiences! Here are some first-hand stories from around the country.

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Ayusa Student Gets the All-American Football Experience

Being State Champions was only part of the experience Matyas had on the team

Ayusa YES Student Has Everyone Singing His Praise

It's only been a few months but Farooq from India has already made a lasting impression in his high school and host community.

Students Share Host Family, Experiences, And Great Heights

“They are both fantastic in their own way” shares their host mom about her two students

Student Easily Settles Into Life in AZ, Enjoys First Experiences

“It's astonishing how it has already made a place for itself in my heart.”

Host Mom Shares Year-Long Story of “Danish Daughter”

With the school year coming to a close, it is time for our wonderful students to be heading back home. The experiences and memories that they have gained while in the U.S. will stay with them a life-time. But our students are not the only ones who have been affected by the exchange experience.

Standing Ovation for Ayusa YES Student at Annual Conference

Eman shares her exchange experience with Ayusa field staff, partners, and HQ

YES Students Participate in Global Youth Service Day

Students are thankful they are able to give back to their host community

Spring Semester YES Student Making Most Of Program

Jin-Shen joined his school’s robotics team in January and has had a pivotal role since

Opening Host Family Does Not Hesitate in Embracing Program

The Jameel Family has “never given me a chance to miss my family.”

Student Overcomes Homesickness By Embracing Program

Keeping busy at school and in activities helped Harry push through homesickness