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Ayusa loves when our exchange students and host families share their experiences! Here are some first-hand stories from around the country.

If you would like to submit a story, you can email us at!

Me and the NEW Me: Bangledeshi Student Reflects on His Exchange Year

Mohammed, a YES student from Bangladesh, shares his story of anticipation, growth, and discovery during his exchange year. He also created a video about sharing his culture with his American friend, Dominic.

Another Person to Love

Jamie and Jennifer Linn of Elk River have a special spot in their hearts when it comes to the 13 exchange students whom they have hosted throughout the years.  

A Real Dream

Melya is a current YES student from Indonesia living in Indiana. She has been in the USA for 4 months now and wanted to share her experience so far.

German Exchange Student Won National Art Award

German exchange student, Laura Lecybil won the 2016 Congressional Art Competition for her photography.

All it took was one little "Yes"

The following was sent to us by host parents, Annie and Gary Germann, from Illinois. Their family has been hosting for the last 5 years.

Student Finds Niche in Track

Ayusa exchange student, Riccardo Reato, finds success in track and field.

What Is Special Today

Hosting is a rewarding experience, here is a story of a special moment that happened between host family and student.

Ayusa YES Student Shares Special Memories with Her Host Family

Sahayan feels like she is truly a member of her host family when she is asked to be a bridesmaid in a family wedding.

Host Family Shares Memorable Year with Their Exchange Daughter

The Mitchell Family has shared a wonderful year with Hanna from Germany, who has come to be more than just their exchange student.

Living the Dream – A Reflection from an Ayusa YES Student

With the second half of the program year well under way, Ayusa YES student Riwa from Lebanon takes a moment to reflect back on her experiences as an exchange student.