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Student “Hits The Ground Marching” Upon Arrival in U.S.

Ayusa exchange student starts program off joinging band

With the 2014-2015 Ayusa exchange students settling into their lives here in the U.S., each has their own way of adjusting to their new surroundings and experiences. One student plunged right into embracing her new life in America – Elena from Austria, who is living with the Struble Family in Carson City, Nevada.

Elena is a flute player and is passionate about music. Within 48 hours of arriving in Nevada, she joined the CHS Blue Thunder Marching Band halfway through their two-week long summer band camp, which her host sister, Alisha (pictured right), is a member. Through band camp, Elena quickly made new friends and learned the basics to play with the band at football games, marching competitions, and parades.

With just five days’ worth of practice with the band, Elena marched with the band as they exhibited the first part of their fall marching show for band parents. The students conducted a “march-down” competition, during which they followed fast-changing turn commands made by the drum major. When a student made a mistake, they had to drop out to the sidelines. Elena made it through many of the commands and stayed in longer without a mistake than a number of other marchers. Host dad Mark notes “not bad for someone who had never marched just five days before!”

After marching band ends in November, Elena will waste no time with picking up her next activity. She hopes to join the CHS swim team and compete throughout the winter!

For her fearless and quick plunge into embracing her American experience, Elena is selected as the Star Student of the month!

Ayusa thanks Mark Struble and the Struble Family for sharing this arrival story with us!