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Making Family a Priority With Busy Schedules

Making Family a Priority With Busy Schedules

November’s Host Family of the Month is the More Family in Iowa. The Mores were nominated by their two Ayusa exchange students – Doris from the Netherlands and Dorde from Serbia!

Mark and Sara More are no strangers to hosting Ayusa exchange students - to date, the family has opened their homes to 7 students now!  Senior Regional Director Shirley Nickel describes them as “a super family…They take the students everywhere and really make it a positive experience for them.” With two children of their own, the Mores surely are one busy family. But even when all four kids are going in opposite directions, Mark and Sara are there to support all of them.

Exchange daughter Doris says of the Mores:
Although my host family is different on every area than my family in the Netherlands, they are great. They took me and George (Dorde) in their lives to show us what American life is like. I already learned so many new things like what high school spirit is and how Thanksgiving is celebrated. Also their kids are fun to live with. Logan is really funny so I can laugh with him. With Maddie, who I share a room with, I can talk about girl stuff and go shopping for example. The More family gives me opportunities to experience new things we don't have in the Netherlands, like farming. Mark, my host dad showed me how that works. And Sara, my host mum, showed me how to make a couple of American recipes. So it's all been great so far and I'm pretty sure that it will be like that till the end of the year.

Dorde adds:
I couldn't wish for a better family. They accepted me like a part of them. It is wonderful to live with them; Madison and Logan are wonderful they accepted me like a real brother. We are all getting along really good.

Thank you Doris and Dorde for sharing your experiences with the More Family with us!