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Host Dad of 15 Exchange Students Honors the Current Two

Our Star Students of the Month for March are the 14th and 15th exchange students host father David Leung has welcomed into his home over the years. All of his students have been exceptional in their own way, but recognizing and nominating Philip and Oliver is something they deserve!

My family and I, currently as a single parent, have been privileged to provide support in helping Philip and Oliver adjust to the American way of life.

Both are exceptional athletes.  Oliver is a recognized swimmer at the Clear Springs High School. Oliver holds several school swim records. At the state's regional swim meet, he missed advancing to the State of Texas swim finals by a mere .016 second in the 100 yard breaststroke. Philip, on the other hand, is a varsity tennis player.  He loves to stay fit by running and exercising at the fitness center. 

In addition, both have great social skills in finding new friends at the high school. The two have adjusted not in living in a new environment; they have adjusted with each other as well. In fact, they have become more than just exchange students living in the same home, they have become like brothers.

The only seasoning I provide is a home in which they feel secured and comfortable. As a result, we are getting along like a family during bad and good days by being honest, supportive, patient, and by sharing our personal feelings with each other. Those are the ingredients that make hosting exchange students successful and enjoyable!