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Francesca's Dancing Like No One's Watching

I'm Francesca from Italy, I'm 18 years old and I'm spending this academic year in Laveen, Arizona. During my exchange, I've been so lucky to get an awesome host family, the Masch family. My mom's name is Ruthann, my dad's name is Doug. I have two brothers, Matthew and Michael, and a sister, Rachel. I also have a grandma called Doris, who is a very good cook.

They made me feel part of the family from the first minute I spent with them. I remember the way they were smiling when I got to the airport and my brothers making jokes to make me feel at home.

During the first months, they supported me in facing the culture shock and my language barrier and I know they are always there for me if I need them. Even if I am the exchange student, I feel treated as one of their children, as I do things like chores and take part in family decisions.

They are also very curious to find out about differences and similarities between our cultures. My mom is a Community Representative and my sister is a Student Ambassador, so I get to see some of the other exchange students in my group rather frequently and this is another wonderful occasion of cultural exchange for us.

I go to school with Rachel. She is a senior like me. We do almost all of our after-school activities together and we mainly hang out with the same friends, too.

This family is really active and there is always something to do on the weekend or during vacations. They took me to a lot of interesting places and having family trips is always so much fun!!

This host family is really funny to live with. You should see me, my sister and my mom purposely sing out of tune in the car while going to choir lessons or dancing in our bedroom for no reason. My brothers and I often make fun of each other and I have to say that my sense of humor has improved since I have been here!

My host family is definitely the best I could ever get. I will never forget them for what they have done for me!!!