Life in America as Expressed Via the Green Bay Packers, Apple Pie and Shoveling Snow

Ioana came to us from Romania in August and quickly adjusted to life here in Wisconsin. She is bright, cheerful, and extremely polite. She is quick to help out around the house and likes to keep her room clean. She has even become interested in the Packers! 

At school, she’s kept a straight ‘A’ average while taking Calculus, AP Physics, AP Psychology, American Lit., U.S. History and American Policies in Politics.  She can often be found studying or reading for her classes.  For fun at school, she is on the Math team and is also on the academic bowl team in Physics.  

You can often find her reading and one of her favorite places in town is the public library. Books and reading are a passion of hers. For Christmas, we gave her five ‘must read’ books to add to her collection. You can also find her in the kitchen raiding the Oreos, making an omelet or toast with olive oil and garlic. She has easily made friends at school and likes to spend time with them in a variety of activities.  She and a fellow classmate picked apples in the fall and made apple pies together.

She has decided that winter and snow is just not her thing and that she is more of a summer person, which is perfect because of the mild, snowless winter we’ve had this year.  We tease her about the ‘wonderful’ family experience of shoveling the snow. 

Ioana has become an integral part of our family.